This page provides essential resources about electrical safety for Albury Wodonga homes and businesses in including downloadable PDFs on topics such as:

  • general electrical safety
  • handling electrical emergencies
  • energy efficiency
  • power outage guides.

Each document aims to provide information regarding the safety and efficiency of electrical systems.

Resources – PDFs

The electrical safety of your home or business is paramount. Below are some fact sheets with important information that will help you to maintain the safety of your family and employees. If there is something you would like information on please contact us.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Albury Wodonga

Ffundamentals of electrical safety households and businesses in Albury Wodonga.

Download PDF

Electrical Emergency

Electrical Emergency Albury Wodonga - Engage Electrics - Resource PDF

Crucial steps to handle electrical emergencies with confidence.

Download PDF

Energy Efficiency

Electric Efficiency Money Saving Albury Wodonga - Engage Electrics - Resource PDF

Optimise your energy usage, reduce costs and improve your environmental footprint.

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Power Outages Guide

Guide to Power Outage Albury Wodonga Energy Safe Victoria

Stay prepared with our  guide to managing unexpected power outages.

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Electrical Safety Albury Wodonga

Download our free resources today to better understand the electrical systems in your home or business. For more personalised advice or to schedule a service, contact us directly.

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