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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of Engage Electrics, where we provide clear, concise answers to the queries we most commonly get asked.

Whether you’re seeking information about our electrical services, safety protocols, or project timelines, this page is designed to offer you immediate assistance.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a seamless experience, with all your concerns addressed efficiently. Explore below to find answers to common questions, and if your query isn’t listed, feel free to reach out to us for personalised support.

Frequently Asked Questions Engage Electrics

Q. Are you licensed?

A. Yes, we are fully licensed and insured in both NSW and VIC. All staff are highly skilled and undergo regular training.

Q. Do you offer free quotations?

A. Yes, please call or email so we can organise to provide you with an obligation free quote.

Q. Do you do small domestic jobs?

A. Yes. Many of our jobs are small, we are happy to install one power point or fix a light if that is all you require.

Q. What are your payment terms and how do I pay?

A. In most cases our payment terms are 14 days and payment can be made via electronic fund transfer, our account details will be on your invoice.

Q. How can I accept my quote?

A. Simply view your quote online via the email link provided, click accept and one of our friendly team will contact you to arrange a time for the works to be completed.

Q. My safety switch keeps tripping, what should I do?

A. In many cases a tripped safety switch can be caused by a faulty appliance. Try unplugging all appliances (not just turning them off at the power point), then try to reset the safety switch. If it still won’t reset give us a call, we specialise in fault finding.

Q. How can I reduce my energy usage?

A. Please contact us for a tailored solution to suit your needs. Examples we recommend include:

– Installing sensors to pantries, toilets and hallways so lights only turn on when you’re in the room and automatically turn off when you leave.

– Replacing existing halogen down lights with LED equivalents can result in huge savings from energy use as well as maintenance costs.

If you haven’t found the answers to your specific queries you may find more information in our Downloadable PDF’s or on our Useful Info page.

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